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Call Us Today!
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Room Additions

Room Additions in Northeast Ohio

Bedroom, Office Space, Family Room and Recreational Room Additions

Is your family growing?  Do you need more space for your business? Do you want a new home, but you don't want to move? The solution to your situation could be a brand new addition, built to your specifications and needs. Mike’s Home Improvement is a contractor specializing in addition construction in Northeast Ohio. You can extend a den or living room. You can add a floor. You can add a garage. Create a new Office. You can build a beautiful trellis and surround it with a brick patio. Whatever your addition project idea, you can bring it to us and we'll review with you how we can make it happen. Sometimes the answer to cramped space isn't a whole new house, new mortgage, or new building. Instead, you can invest in your current property by complementing your living space with an impressive addition. And at Mike’s Home Improvements we can make it happen.
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